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Out and about in Augsburg

Book the hotel ticket that allows you to use the public transport in the entire inner city area (zones 10 and 20) and to obtain many benefits for 2 days.

The park – an inheritance

Stefanie, Countess of Ponteil (née „von Frölich“), a close friend of Pauline Fischer, the meritorious matron of the Deaconess Institution of Augsburg, died in 1886. She bequeathed her a substantial portion of her assets. The „Wohnlichsche Gartengut“ park in Frölichstraße could be purchased and built with the inheritance. The diako, the Evangelical Deaconess Institution of Augsburg, is now located on this land. Embedded in the old park, you will not only find our hotel, a place renowned for its hospitality, but also the listed motherhouse of the Deaconess Sisterhood, the City Hospital (Stadtklinik), Paul-Fischer-Haus retirement home, a medical centre with pharmacy and the Restaurant „zeit.los“ with a sun terrace, just like in a small „village“.

Apothecary and sensory garden

Two square-shaped and symmetrically arranged gardens will unfold your fascination right next to the large sun terrace of the Restaurant zeit.los. The apothecary garden displays a wealth of medicinal plants arranged in eight beds depending on the applications. Seeing, smelling, feeling and hearing – each of these senses are given a floral interpretation in the adjacent sensory garden.

Archaeological garden

Archaeological monuments from Roman times were discovered and protected during archaeological excavations in the grounds of the Evangelical Deaconess Institution. Augsburg was a Roman city (Augusta Vindelicum) with a large army camp from 1 to 4 AD. The cemetery for the soldiers was located in Ausfallstraße towards the town of Cambodunum (Kempten), the present-day site of the diako. Approximately 260 full burial and urn graves were excavated and treated archaeologically. Water pipes and the Roman cemetery wall were also discovered. Some really beautiful artefacts were burial objects made of blown glass and fine clay and a metal woman’s purse. You can visit most of the archaeological finds in the Roman Museum in Augsburg. The cemetery wall was rebuilt in part by the City Archaeological Office in the park of the Deaconess Institution and, along with other stone monuments and information boards, is a popular place for interested visitors. We would like to invite you to take a walk in our old park.